DAPA is an association designed to create a collaborative environment for pharmacists, pharmacy interns, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy students. We are the Dallas Area Pharmacy Association, an affiliate for the Texas Pharmacy Association. All Pharmacists, Pharmacy Interns, Pharmacy Technicians, and Pharmacy Students in the Dallas area are welcome to join us!

We meet the first week of every month from September through May, and share pharmacy related information with our members in various local locations. Keep an eye out on our social media accounts and our website calendar for upcoming events. In addition to these events, we also hold an annual event for Law CE required by the TSBP at the May meeting.

We are dedicated to assisting our future pharmacists of the Dallas Area. The funds that we collect at our programs go towards our scholarship fund which awards scholarships to our pharmacy students.

If you would like to make additional donations, please feel free to make a donation on our website via PayPal in our Shopping Center., under product: scholarship donations miscellaneous.

To become a member, click here to go to the Texas Pharmacy Association page, and choose the option of adding Dallas Area Pharmacy Association (DAPA) as your local affiliate.

Join DAPA Today!
Join Texas Pharmacy Association and add DAPA as your local affiliate. You will have a one-year membership in both associations.
You may visit the Texas Pharmacy Association website at: www.texaspharmacy.org/?Memberbenefits
Or ask a board member for the TPA application.
How much?
Please visit www.texaspharmacy.org/?memberbenefits for more information
The membership fee is +$30 when you choose DAPA as your affiliate!
Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I join DAPA?
Please go to the TPA website and become a TPA member.
When you are registering, remember to add DALLAS as your local affiliate to be part of DAPA!
Meet great people in the field of pharmacy in your area, eat great food, and listen to educational lectures every month!
Want to receive information on more events like these?
Speak to our board members to join our mailing list!
Your attendance is important!
At most of our meetings, we collect a fee to our scholarship fund for pharmacy students.
$10 for members per meeting
(except in May for Law CE)
$25 for non-members per meetings
(except in May for Law CE)
$70 member rate Jan-Dec (except for law CE in May)
For more information, please speak to our DAPA Treasurer.