DAPA Mentorship Program

Student/Pharmacist Mentorship Program

Mark your calendars!
We’re SUPER excited to launch our new Student/Pharmacist Mentorship Program and we’re SUPER excited to have you join us either as a Mentor or Mentee!
As a part of our DAPA membership engagement initiatives, we’re starting a student-pharmacist mentorship program as requested by our members.
The goal of this mentorship program is to connect our pharmacy students with pharmacists in their interested fields so the students can have a better insight in to their future career choices.
This will increase our DAPA membership engagement and have our pharmacy students to continue being DAPA/TPA members after graduation!
With much feedback, we saw the need and desire for local pharmacists to mentor pharmacy students as they navigate through the career-world of pharmacy. Our student liaisons, Mahsa Helforoush and Alan Linh Nguyen of Texas Tech University of Health Sciences Center, and Elizabeth Beard, PharmD, Co-Chair of the Social Events and Outreach Committee have volunteered and committed their time to make this event possible.
We’re very excited to support our local students to achieve their career goals and provide the best care to our patients in the community. With experienced pharmacist mentors, we can make a difference one patient, one legislator, one community at a time.
We’re in need of more pharmacists to join this initiative!
Be the positive influence on our future pharmacists and empower and educate them for the future of pharmacy. There is strength in numbers, and together we advance.

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