DAPA Board Meeting Minutes

September 2, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

August 25, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

DAPA Board of Directors

August 25, 2022

Season’s 52, Plano

The meeting was called to order by president JoAh Lee @ 6:41 pm.  In attendance were Alan Nguyen, Mahsa Helforoush, Amber Myers, Ashley Chasse, Navid Sundrani, Jeff Loesch, Shari McDaniel, Aaron Gilbert, Kath Chisholm, Elizabeth Dong, and Kim Nguyen.  Emery Johnson and Christine Hong were on Zoom. Proxy from Mahdi Al Hallaq was received.  

Minutes were passed out.  A motion to approve was made by Jeff, seconded by Amber then passed.

We welcomed new Digital/Social Media committee member Christine.  And the new student liaisons are Mahsa and Alan.  

A goal for incoming new year is to increase memberships.  We will plan November as Membership Engagement Month. We looking for ways to increase tech members.  Each board member will look into Robert’s Rule of Order and will present their duties and responsibilities to the board.  In hoping to be more engage with the members during meetings, Mahdi is making name badges for board members.

Emery Johnson and Don Levine from the Financial Review and Auditing Committee has made a recommendation to include a line to label funds as a “Scholarship Donation Fund” which will not be limited only to scholarships if the funds are needed out of this line item. Emery explained that although the funds will be labeled as a Scholarship Fund, it will not be limited to that designation and will prevent possible auditing issues.  All the members of the Financial Review and Auditing Committee was not in full agreement and the Board requested additional information regarding the recommendation.  This recommendation deemed additional council and review by our current CPA whilst all members of the Financial Review and Auditing Committee plus President and Vice President are present.  This said meeting is to be held within the next 60 days from this meeting.

The treasurer’s report showed a balance of $48,890.39.  Credits include $280 scholarship donations & $3.59 interest.  Debits include $3000 in scholarships & $19.24 Paypal fees.  A motion to approve treasurer’s report was made Jeff, seconded by Ashley, then passed.

Vice president Amber has a financial group sponsor $750 for November, so DAPA will have to contribute additional money for that meeting.  It was discussed that we can use that meeting as a member engagement meeting also.  The amount to spend is tabled to next month.

Student liaisons Mahsa & Alan have a goal of increasing memberships and retention.  Kath previously ha career day at a local school so Elizabeth is trying to set a career “day/social” for pharmacy students either 1st Saturday of October or November.  Mahsa & Alan will post & send out to fellow students for that event.

Shari made a motion to change Social Event Committee to Social Events & Outreach Committee , seconded by Jeff then passed.

Digital & social media chair JoAh announced that we will join Techsoup, which is network for nonprofit organizations to have discounts for various companies.  One of the company is box.com/org will help us get digitized storage securely.  We will join box.com/org using the free accounts 1st then will upgrade to monthly plans if we need more storage.

Scholarship  Committee chair Ashley announced the scholarship recipients : Chloe Grabenhorst (TT), Faith Collum (TT), & Ted Sohn (UT).  Hopefully they will attend September meeting to be recognized. Introductory emails will be sent to all the schools starting 1st Friday of October.  Applications will open in  January and close in April.  In May committee will review the applicants then forward to board for discussion. Winners will be notified in June & receive fund in July.

Nominating Committee Emery & Don announced the incoming officers for 2022-2023 term:  Shari McDaniel – treasurer, Kim Nguyen – secretary, Ashley Chasse – director, Andrew Wall – director, Christine Hong – director, Brittany Aldridge – technician director.  Motion to approve was made by Jeff, seconded by Shari then passed.

Legislative  Committee chair Jeff  has no new updates.  Previously, discussions were made about test & treat, reimbursements, and doctor dispensing.

A motion to adjourn was made by Amber, seconded by Jeff then passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:31 pm.

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