• We encourage you to join TEXAS PHARMACY ASSOCIATION (TPA) and add DAPA as your local affiliate.
    • DAPA then receives $30 from TPA and you have a one-year membership in both associations (which includes voting rights for both).
  • TPA rates have been reduced!! See TPA website for details. Click Here to Visit TPA’s Website
    • $195 pharmacist, $125 “new” pharmacist, and $80 technician (plus $30 for DAPA)
    • FREE virtual membership with TPA is now available, so please take advantage of that option if you join DAPA only.
      • This will get you access to news from TPA.
  • If you decide to join DAPA-only, fill out the form below and submit payment by clicking here.
    • $75 per calendar year, January through December – renew each January

Once the application is submitted, please click here to make your payment.