Scholarship Fee:

  • $25.00 for all non-members
  • $10.00 for DAPA members and TPA-DAPA affiliates (If you are a member, you will receive an email with your unique code)
  • $0.00 for those who have paid for the FULL year of  2017. (If you have paid in full for the year 2017, you will receive an email with your unique code)


  • Paypal Express button does NOT require you to have a Paypal Account. You may proceed with payment by clicking on the PayPal Express button.
  • If you DID NOT get a code in the email, DO NOT attempt to enter anything in the promotional section before check out! (Even pressing the space bar makes it think that you have entered something in)
  • You will ONLY get a code if you are a student, a DAPA-affiliate of TPA, a DAPA member, or if you have PAID IN FULL for year 2017 for the events!
  • PLEASE check your junk or spam email for your tickets and purchase confirmation.
  • We encourage you to join TPA as a DAPA affiliate for year 2018. You will only have to pay a $10 scholarship fee per event for all of our events for the year.
  • Please note that these tickets are NOT interchangeable.
  • No cash will be accepted. Please register online and check in at the event.

Students: When registering, choose unknown/other/Not Applicable as your specialty, enter your school’s information for place of work, and enter 000000 as your license number unless you have an applicable intern license number.